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Ya está disponible el nuevo Catálogo General Eliwell 2016 con todas las novedades y actualizaciones. Descárgalo AQUÍ Si eres cliente y aún no has recibido tu copia impresa, solicítalo en Las nuevas tarifas entran en vigor a partir del 16 de mayo de 2016. Conoce todos los Controles electrónicos, los sistemas de Gestión para el sector de la Refrigeración y los Automatismos más avanzados         SISTEMAS Y CONECTIVIDAD REFRIGERACIÓN AVANZADA REFRIGERACIÓN COMERCIAL PROGRAMABLES Y CONFORT PROCESOS INDUSTRIALES CONTROLES ELECTROMECÁNICOS (RANCO)... read more


NEW COLDFACE SOLUTIONS BROCHURE Eliwell Ibérica lanza un nuevo catálogo de soluciones de regulación y control para cámaras frigoríficas. Una nueva serie que aúna seguridad e innovación garantizando la máxima calidad y eficiencia en las instalaciones. Este catálogo presenta Soluciones Integrales que combinan utilidades como la alarma de persona encerrada con señalización óptica y acústica, detección de fugas de gases, termómetro metrológico, registro de eventos HACCP con calendario anual, Pump Down, desescarches programados, cuadro eléctrico completo, detección y señalización con instalaciones con dos circuitos refrigerantes con diferente tipos de gas, telegestión, etc. Estos productos ofrecen soluciones específicas para las instalaciones que albergan cámaras de conservación, congelación, ultracongelación, salas de elaboración, obradores y salas de máquinas en empresas con actividad de tipo industrial, plataformas logísticas, retail y pequeño comercio. Eliwell Ibérica recopila en este catálogo toda una gama de opciones que proporcionan al instalador la solución sencilla, completa y fácil para la adaptación de cámaras refrigerantes nuevas o existentes, al cumplimiento de normas como el Real Decreto 138/2011 de instalaciones frigoríficas. Dichas soluciones se presentan en dos formatos diferentes: Incorporadas dentro del control, con las nuevas Coldface NT. Sin control incorporado. Idóneo para cámaras que no lo requieren, fundamentalmente para actualizar cámaras existentes. El catálogo de Soluciones Integrales se completa con el registrador homologado Memory 1000E para el cumplimiento de la normativa metrológica ITC 3701/2006 – RD 889/2006   DOWNLOAD CATÁLOGO SOLUCIONES COLDFACE (842 downloads)  ... read more


Are you installing an Eliwell control and need help to set it up? Do you require technical assistance? Do you have doubts about which Eliwell reference is best adapted to your facility? To resolve these questions and many others, the Eliwell helpdesk is available so that any installer or professional working with Eliwell systems can immediately resolve any doubts, receive technical clarifications or download software in seconds. You can contact the helpdesk technicians during working hours by telephone, email or through our social networks. Direct phone:+34 96 313 42 05 E-mail: We recommend you follow us on our social networks as we constantly publish up-dates and news related to the sector that will allow you to keep posted as regards Eliwell technology.   Facebook Eliwell.Iberica Twitter  Eliwell_Iberica Linkedin  eliwell-iberica Google+  Youtube with our video tutorials and of course our Blog We are at your disposal to resolve your doubts and receive your suggestions!... read more


IC PLUS is one of the most representative families of Eliwell products for the industrial automation sector. The models it includes are specially designed for the industrial automation sector, providing a large number of efficient solutions, both for the control of the processes and the machinery. These controllers have universal inputs for temperature, voltage and current sensors and are equipped with Televis and Modbus communication protocols. They are compatible with the most common supply voltages in the sector. Apart from their innovative design, these are some of the most valued features of this range of products. Their new design makes it possible to control the process with a better display and aesthetics which combine innovation and robustness. These devices, which have various dependent and/or independent outputs, offer the possibility of choosing between different types of probes, making them an ideal solution for the industrial... read more


ID plus form part of the Eliwell range of products for electronic control elements optimized for refrigeration units. These devices guarantee a high level of quality and safety in the facilities, maintaining the optimal temperature of the fresh or deep-frozen foodstuffs, while ensuring the best performance of the refrigeration unit, thus obtaining high energy-saving levels. Their high adaptability makes them apt for any type of refrigeration unit, whether it is in a convenience store, supermarket or hypermarket, and they are ideal for the catering industry, where they allow the regulation of cold/heat parameters in display cabinets and refrigeration units. Thanks to their new design, we obtain a better visualisation of the digits and the icons in colour allow a clearer and more intuitive reading of the display, all of which is added to their increased configurability and ease of handling. The keys provide direct access to their functions. Their great versatility makes it possible to reduce the number of codes, thus covering the maximum number of possibilities with a more limited storage. Moreover, the wide variety of colours available allows the client to customize the control. The simplest controller has one activation point that is capable of working with both heating applications and the control of refrigeration units at different temperature values. It is a universal controller due to its characteristics: multi-probe (NTC, PTC, PT1000), cold/heat, HACCP, televis/modbus, preloaded applications, unicard, 2 hp relay. Configurable keys, relays and... read more


New Eliwell pack controller for Copeland Digital Scroll compressors. Compact controller for the regulation of Copeland scroll compressor racks. – Control over as many as 4 compressors with up to 3 capacities each, one of which may be digital scroll or with an inverter. – Floating condensation for saving energy. – Temperature sensor for the safety of the digital scroll compressor. – New gases included: R407F – R744. – Digital input for safety manoeuvres should there be a ventilator inverter alarm. – With on-board clock and RS 485 connections for Televis or Modbus... read more

2015 Catalogue

2015 Eliwell Catalogue

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