FREE SMART programmable controls

Eliwell's Free Smart electronic controls are programmable devices that offer maximum performance in an extremely compact format.

  • Free Smart: These programmable controllers have the following features:
  • Improved visualisation with larger display: Despite their compact size, they offer a larger display for better visualisation.
  • Expandable with optional module: You can expand their capabilities with additional modules.
  • On-board temperature and humidity sensors: They are equipped with integrated sensors to measure temperature and humidity.
  • Integration into Modbus systems: Thanks to the TTL and RS-485 serial connections, they can be integrated into Modbus systems.
  • 22 inputs/outputs (I/O): 22 I/O are available in both formats, with 3 outputs and 5 analogue inputs.
  • Available formats: You can choose between 32×74 or 4 DIN format.
  • Power supply: They work with 12-24V~ or 100-240V~ power supply.
  • Modbus Master capability: Check availability for this feature.

Eliwell Free Smart controllers offer a compact and versatile solution for industrial and automation applications

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