ENERGY FLEX Universal HVAC Controls

Eliwell's Energy Flex is a universal controller designed for air conditioning systems with up to 2 circuits. Here are some details about the Energy Flex:

Compressor management: It can handle scroll, semi-hermetic and screw compressors with up to 4 power steps. It can even balance the operating hours between compressors of different power.

Automatic summer-winter changeover: The controller automatically adjusts operation according to the season.

Modbus and Televis compatibility: Can communicate with other devices using these protocols.

Adaptive function for chillers without storage tank: Adapts operation according to the specific needs of the chiller.

Intelligent compressor management: Adapts the demand according to the Technical Building Code (CTE).

Compressor control with frequency inverter and primary water pump with frequency inverter: Optimises performance.

Free Cooling - Free Heating: Allows to take advantage of free cooling or heating according to outdoor conditions.

Power limitation: Avoids overloads.

Alarm history: Records important events.

In addition, the Energy Flex also has specific variants:

SDW - SKW: Designed for air conditioning with DHW (domestic hot water) management. Includes anti-legionella function and daily and weekly management.

SDH: Ideal for underfloor heating/cooling systems. Controls up to 2 zones and allows thermoregulation according to the ambient or external probe.

In short, the Eliwell Energy Flex is a versatile solution for HVAC systems, offering flexibility and efficiency.

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