electronic controller IWP

Split electronic controller for ventilated refrigeration systems

The devices of the IWP family are designed for the management of all applications on compact units and ducted refrigerated banks, consisting of a power unit (IWP) and a remote keypad (IWK).

The value read by the probe is shown on the display of the IWK remote keypad.

4 configurable relays such as compressor, defrost, fans, alarm, light, auxiliary, on/off, etc.

3 probes. Thermostatic, end defrost probe and product probe.

Direct connection to Televis system, no BusAdapter required.

PTC (NTC) probe selectable by parameter.

Electrical defrosting by temperature or time

Defrost interval parameter selectable

Compressor protection times as well as stop/start in case of failure

2 digital inputs (configurable as: reduced set, on/off, door switch, etc.)

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