Free Smart Keyboard Pants

Eliwell keypads for Free Smart are an excellent addition to control and configure the parameters of applications made with the Free Smart and Free Evolution range of PLCs.

These keypads offer an intuitive and functional user interface. Here are some models of Free Smart compatible keypads:

  • SKP10:
  • Panel installation.
  • LED display with 4 digits and 7 segments.
  • SKP22:
  • Panel installation.
  • IP65 front protection.
  • 2 remote NTC probes.
  • SKP22L:
  • Backlit LCD display.
  • SKW22:
  • Wall mounting.
  • 1 NTC probe on board.
  • Option of 4...20 mA input or digital contact.
  • SKW22L:
  • Backlit LCD display.
  • TGI:
  • TFT-LCD display.
  • Communication via Modbus protocol.
  • 128 MB internal memory.

These keypads allow you to access and modify the settings of your applications efficiently. Whether for controlling air conditioning systems, refrigeration or any other application, Eliwell keypads for Free Smart are a valuable tool for professionals and users looking for precise and convenient management12.

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